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Gowin Microjet Cable Blowing Machine

Very Compact and lightweight machine for blowing cables of size above 0.8 mm to 4 mm into the ducts of size 7 mm to 13 mm.

Gowin Microjet can be powered by Pneumatic or Electric drive along with by venting high-pressure air stream into ducts thus the fiber cable floats inside the duct, reduces the friction, and transports the fiber cable inside the micro ducts

The machine can blow fiber cables at an average speed of 100 to 125 meters per minute.

Machine fabricated of high-grade Aluminium for Non-corrosive, rust free and long-lasting use

Air compressor of capacity 20 to 60 CFM for micro ducts up to 16 mm needed to operate this equipment




  • Premium quality rust-free and corrosion-free aluminum die casting pushing unit

  •  Can be driven by an electric drive unit

  •  Very compact and lightweight



  •  Fabrication: Aluminum Casting

  •  Body Finish: Powder Coating

  •  Cable Dia(mm) : 0.8 to 4

  •  Duct OD(mm) : 7 to 13

  •  Drive Unit : Mechanical or portable drilling machine

  •  Speed at Max power (RPM) : 835

  •  PushingForce(N) : 300

  •  Linear Pressure on Cable(N/cm) : 80

  •  Max.Speed (m/min) : 100-125

  •  Air inlet for Duct pressure : 13 Kg/cm2

  •  Machine weight : 2 Kg

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