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GOWIN Float Master Cable Blowing Machine Wheel Type

GOWIN 1025 hydraulic model cable blowing machine suitable for cross country and long haul networks fiber cable installations where continuous fiber laying works, a best-designed machine which runs on hydraulic power, a heavy-duty model hydraulic power pack fitted with 11 HP Lombardini Diesel Engine or 9HP HONDA GX 270 petrol engine can run nonstop making Fiber cable installations in long haul networks easy.

The jetting unit made of high-grade aluminum alloy ensures vibration-free smooth installation of fiber cable into ducts along with venting high stream air, which reduces the fiber cable- duct friction ratio, transports the fiber inside ducts at target locations.




  • Our machines have a record of pushing about 3000 km of cable without any service issue. We have very good feedback from all our overseas customers.

  • We can assure our best services and support on our machines. Please contact us for further details

  • Premium quality rust-free Aluminium Fabricated machine.

  •  High capacity 9 HP Honda Petrol Engine or 11 HP Kohler diesel Engine in power pack for Speedy installation of cables

  •  Aluminium Hydraulic Oil tank which provides Self-cooling of oil while in circulation

  •  Anodized Aluminium air chamber unit to prevent fungus and corrosion.

  •  Branded Bosch Rexroth Hydraulic pump for Hydraulic Powerpack

  •  High-quality steel, hardened rails that applies uniform pressure while cable pushing

  •  Hardened, heat-treated, and surface coated accessories used.

  •  High-quality Rubber chain which gives longer life and better performance

  •  The machine is provided with all the accessories like a Duct cutter, Allen Key, Rubber U Seals.

  •  In Wheel type machines, there is an option for tilting the machine from “0” degree to “45” degree for ease of usage.



  • Fabrication: Aluminum Casting

  •  Body Finish: Powder Coating

  •  CableDia(mm) : 08 to 25

  •  DuctOD(mm) : 25 to 63

  •  Drive Unit: Hydraulic

  •  Engine: Honda Petrol or Lombardini Diesel

  •  Engine Max Power(kW) : 6.5

  •  PushingForce(N) : 0 to 680

  •  Linear Pressure on Cable(N/cm) : 94

  •  Max.Speed (m/min) : 80

  •  Pump delivery rating: 20 pm

  •  PushingForce(N) : 0 to 680

  •  Linear Pressure on Cable(N/cm) : 94

  •  Max.Speed (m/min) : 80

  •  Pump delivery rating: 20 pm

  •  PushingForce(N) : 0 to 680

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