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FRP Duct Rodder

Fiber Glass duct rodders or push rodders and commonly called python rods by their nature passing through underground ducts . It is very convenient to pull the cables, wires inside the duct , also it can be used to locate the duct block or damage portion identifications . It has high safety aspects to use underground applications because of its non conductivity of electricity, sets a major safety to site workers .

GOWIN FRP Rodder is a professional heavy duty cable pulling device based on Composite fiberglass rod. Frame is galvanized/ powder coated to make it Rust proof. Duct Rodder of size above 9mm provided with wheels & integral brake. Attached with M12 threaded rod ends at both ends.

GOWIN Duct Rodder is ideal for installation of optical fiber telecom cables in buried / underground HDPE ducts up to 300 meters in metro and congested city environments. GOWIN duct rodder is also the most widely used equipment in OFC maintenance & where cable blowing method is not feasible.




  • Made of long lasting fine quality material which can withstand any climatic temperature

  • Compact and Easy to transport in a pickup jeep or small transport vehicles.

  • Durable, High Strength, Super Tough

  • Provided with M12 Male Rod end to allow Sonde Accessories to be attached (Optional)

  • Won’t break down easily like cheaper brands when exposed to hot climatic condition.



  •  Fabrication: MS Tublar Frame

  •  Body Finish: Galvanized / Powder Coating

  •  Size available : 4 to 16 mm

  •  Length : 100 to 300 meters

  •  Tensile strength : 500 Kgs

  •  Minimum bending diameter : 600 mm

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