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Deviser Light Source LS310 VFL option

The LS310 Series of light sources is perfect for qualifying applications using fiber optics for the physical layer, including FTTx, CATV, PON, and long haul networks. These user-friendly instruments project a high- recision, semiconductor-grade laser for stable and accurate measurements. LS310 Series units work in conjunction with a Visual Fault Locator (VFL) for detecting bends, splices, and faults in optical fiber. Use the S310A/B in conjunction with an AE210, 230, or 270 Optical Power Meter to access new paired functions such as wavelength auto-ID. Dual-λ mode switches between two wavelengths rapidly, producing measurement data for bot


  • Multi-wavelength output: 1310 & 1550nm, or 1310 & 1490 & 1550nm (depending on model)

  • CW mode or modulated mode: 270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz

  • 30 hours working time

  • New features: pair with AE210 Series OPM to auto-verify wavelengths and run dual-λ testing


  • Fiber Single-mode, 9/125 μm

  • Wavelength range (nm) :1310 ± 20nm,1550 ± 20nm

  • Battery life (hours) : 40

  • Weight : 300 g

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