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Pneumatic Piercing and Ramming Tool

  • Pneumatic mole is designed for hand installation of plastic pipes by piercing / ramming the hard surface. Great merit of this mole is high accuracy and low weight. Our Pneumatic piercing tool is very handy and comfortable to work with.

  • Main purpose of the device is piercing holes for PE pipes installation up to desired size. Tool works fine with the expander in the second operation which allows pipes to be installed.

  • Reverse mode is switched on by pulling the air supply hose. Easy and safe switching to reverse mode allows efficient piercing and also allows reverse the mole in emergency situations. Very important factor is that switching reverse mode on doesn’t require turning air supply hose which might be difficult. Sometimes it might not even be possible due to lack of stiffness of the air supply hose when mole is far deep in the ground from the entry pit.


  • Pneumatic mole is available in two types of head:
    Active head and Solid Head


  • Plastic pipe installation: upto 250mm

  • Steel pipe Ramming : upto 324 mm

  • Available in : various sizes

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