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Comway C6S

  • Quickest Ribbon fiber fusion splicer

  • Fast splicing time 11sec./tube heating time 18sec

  • Self cladding alignment with melting surface tension

  • Up to 12 fiber splicing

  • Absolute Robustness

  • Real-time arc discharge control by analyzing the arc’s brightness intensity.

  • Automatic cleaver blade management by wireless communication data connectivity when the splicer judges the blade is worn.

  • Wireless link to ribbon fiber stripper to change settings to adequate one according to the ribbon fiber type to be spliced

  • Automated open-close wind protector and heater

  • Work tray with large capacity storage built in the carrying case



Standard Package:

  •  Comway C6S

  •  AC adapter ADC-20

  •  AC power cord

  •  Battery Pack 

  • Carrying case

  •  Electrodes ELCT2-16B

  •  Hexagonal wrench

  •  V Groove cleaning brush

  •  Instruction manual CD

  •  Quick reference guide

  •  Alcohol pot

  •  Fiber holder

  •  Cleaver CT50

  •  Ribbon stripper RS03 and battery pack, adapter, power cord, blade cleaning   brush.

  •  USB cable


  • Applicable fibers : Single / SMF(G.652/657), MMF(G.651), DSF(G.653), NZDSF(G.655)

  •  Cladding dia./ Sheath dia.: 80-150μm / 100- 3000um

  •  Cleave length: 10mm with sheath clamp

  •  Splice mode/heating mode: Total 100 splice modes / 30 heating modes

  •  Typical splice loss : 0.05dB (SM), 0.02dB(MM), 0.08dB(DS) and 0.08dB(NZDS)

  •  Splice time: Typical 11sec

  •  Tube heating time: Typical 13sec

  •  Electrode life: 1500 splices

  •  Splice result storage: 20,000 splices

  •  Splice / Heat mode: 100/30

  •  Viewing methods / magnification : 5” color LCD. 20X magnification for 12 fiber and 60x for SMF

  •  Applicable protection sleeve: 60mm, 40mm, and Fujikura micro sleeves

  •  No. of splice/heating per battery full charge: Typical 165 cycles

  •  Electrode life: 5000 splices

  •  Operating condition : Altitude : 0 to 3,700m above sea level, Wind : 15m/sec, Temperature : -10 to 50deg C, Hμmidity : 0 to 95%RH, non-dew

  •  Automatic features: Splice mode select by fiber analysis, Discharge power calibration, Wind protector, heater lid, Heater clamp

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