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Pushfit coupler

  • Push fit couplers of size 32 mm made of high density Polyethyelene virgin grade is very easy to fix and also with stands high pressure air of 14 Kg bar is very safe to use at working pressure @ 11 KG/CM² for optical fiber cable blowing conduit pipe joints .


  • No manual threading or adhesive required No need to dismantle

  • Just push press the pipe in the center of coupler.

  • Coupler can be fitted in a minute

  • The proven sturdy and robust design is rated for 14 Kg/cm2 tested pressure.

  • Recommended Pressure @ 11 KG/CM²

  • Provides perfect leak-proof joint ensuring safer and faster DIT and cable blowing operation.

  • No Metal part used.


  • Available in 32mm, 40mm, 50mm

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