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Parker Legris End Cap

  • End Caps for HDPE ducts

  • To keep Macro plb Duct networks free of debris, seal the system with Push-Fit End Caps. With the same functionality as the Push-Fit Connectors, installation simply involves pushing the plb Duct into the End Cap.

  • Push-Fit Macro plb Duct End caps operate at 15 BAR (218 psi) with a maximum permissible leakage rate of 1cc/min. This is equivalent to 1 bubble every 3 seconds. Higher pressures have been used in the field with no increase in leakage rate. Quick Burst rating is 25 BARS (363 psi).


  • Enable to close and protect circuits

  • Transparency

  • Patented ridged design for unsurpassed shock resistance

  • Compact design and intuitive installation

  • Tried-and-tested connection technology to ensure capability to expand network

  • Perfect sealing IP68: full protection against particle ingress

  • UL94 V-2: flame resistance for indoor installation

  • Available from 7mm to 14mm. Also 16mm available on request.


  • Product Overview

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