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Macro Duct Integrity Test Apparatus

  • Duct Integrity Test apparatus can be convienently used for testing of various parameters like duct alignment , air tightness test, shuttle test and also useful for cleaning before installations of O F C in Plb/ silicore ducts of various diameter 32mm,40mm and 50mm with safe environment. Macro DIT is widely used in following tests.


  • Duct Testing

  • Duct cleaning, sponge deformation test to ensure no sharpened objects or sharp cuts inside the laid plb/ silicore ducts( which will protect Fiber from damages while installing the O F Cable Into plb ducts).

  • Pressure Test

  • Pressure test ensures the coupling joints of push fit or threaded grip couplers , their leak proof thus ensures smooth blowing of Fiber cables while doing air jet blowing Fiber installations.

  • Duct straightness Test

  • This test carried by passing a wooden or plastic shuttle piece of suitable diameters ( which will varies according to duct sizes) into plb / silicone ducts by means of DIT apparatus and ensure that underground ducts where laid as per permissible tolerance so that OFC can be laid under safely.

  • Rope Blowing.

  • Nylon , poly propelene or plastic ropes can be easily blown into ducts for their short distance OFC pulling by manual methods or at emergency circumstances and also blow rope into standby unused ducts for their future usage.


  • Standard Package

  • DIT Main Unit

  • Cam Lock fitting 32mm for quick connect and disconnect air hose

  • Backend connect SS pressure gauge 62mm dia

  • 10 mm dia Minimesh Hose

  • 25 mm dia PVC shuttle 5 No.s

  • 20 mm dia PVC shuttle 5 No.s

  • Duct air end tight clamps 1 set

  • Sponge cake 5 No.s

  • Round Collet and Clamp of any one size –25 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm.

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